Our Story

verb: used with object
1. to infuse spirit or life into; enliven

In the Beginning

In 2014, we welcomed the birth of our second son. Samuel was a bright, energetic baby and a blessing to our growing family.

Around his first birthday, Samuel started having strange reactions to food. He’d vomit after meals and suffer bouts of digestive distress. After many hospital visits, we learned he was suffering from a food allergy known as Food Protein-Induced Enterocolitis Syndrome (FPIES).

The doctors helped, but his condition lingered. So, we began researching diet, nutrition, and how they influence digestive health.

A Discovery

We quickly realized what many others are now learning: fermented foods offer many nutritious benefits such as probiotics that can aid in gut health. That sounded interesting, but we were dealing with a one year old. There was no way he’d eat traditional fermented foods such as sauerkraut or kimchi.

We hit the books again, and this time, we stumbled upon a ancient fermented drink called “kombucha”.

The Elixir of Life

Kombucha starts its life as sweet tea. After the tea has brewed and cooled, a colony of bacteria and yeast is placed on top of the tea to begin the fermentation process. The tea is fermented for several weeks and then flavored.

Kombucha brewers craft recipes from a wide variety of teas, fermentation times, and flavors, and we discovered we could brew kombucha at home. Not only could we tailor the flavor to make it family-friendly, we learned kombucha is an effective way to introduce probiotics, vitamins, amino acids, and more to the gut.

The Start of Something Special

Once our family began drinking our home-brewed kombucha and our son’s FPIES symptoms improved, we started experimenting with our kombucha brews and sharing this amazing tea with family and friends.

The feedback we received was amazing and helped us to realize the local love for kombucha. And so, Inspirit Kombucha Brewing Co. was born!

Where to Find

We offer kombucha in 64oz. growlers and on-tap in many local businesses. Whether you are walking the farmers market or enjoying a night out, you’ll find Inspirit near you.